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  3. Thursday, 23 June 2022
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Dear all

Just to let you know that the outlines of the WHO 5th edition of the classification of Haematolymphoid Tumours, published in Leukemia, as well as the International Consensus Classification of Mature Lymphoid Neoplasms, published in Blood, are available for our members on the BLPG website. My understanding is that the International Consensus Classification of Myeloid Neoplasms and Acute Leukemias will be published in Blood shortly and we will make that available here too.

Kind regards

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  2. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41375-022-01620-2
  3. https://ashpublications.org/blood/article/doi/10.1182/blood.2022015851/485458/The-International-Consensus-Classification-of
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