The British Lymphoma Pathology Group (BLPG) was established in 1974 and to mark the 40th anniversary of its inception it was felt that it would be fitting for the current membership and other interested parties to understand the Group’s historical perspective.

The BLPG was formed by a small group of UK pathologists, each a doyen of Haematopathology. Membership now comprises approximately 200 active members and, since its inception, the BLPG has been at the forefront of the many developments in Haematopathology over the period.

The attached PDF offers the reader an opportunity to appreciate the significant contributions from our membership in the United Kingdom, which have been at the centre of the transformation of Haematological malignancies and who have served as a multidisciplinary group years ago that has shaped the history of classifications and hugely advanced knowledge in this subspecialty. Over the past four decades, membership has grown significantly. The Group now includes all the specialists delivering Haematopathology services and continues to provide important professional updates. It also collates and voices the opinions of members on important topics relating to everyday diagnostic practice, teaching and research. To mark the 40th anniversary of the BLPG, recollections of some of the founder members and those who have significantly contributed to its running during the early days have been recorded in this booklet...

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